Gratuitous advice for parents

(We were treated at Sydney Children's Hospital Randwick, Sydney, so this advice is a bit Randwick-centric)
* Purchase a mattress mat (to put on those things that are generously called a "parent bed") - Ikea has ones called "Sultans" for about $129.00. It will save your back.
* Invest in luggage with wheels and a picnic set.
* Consider investing in an electronic game of some description - you might resist it, but it helps to distract and entertain you child (how bad can that be?)
* A rolled up towel at the bottom of a sealed bathroom door (C3West isolation/ transplant room) stops the whinning windy sound that would otherwise drive you insane (thanks to Larissa for that one).

Feeding the troops - 8 minute pasta
I have been asked about this several times so here for the record is my 8 minute pasta (thank you Susan) Put the pasta on to cook. Cut up and throw in bowl, 1 very ripe tomato, 3 bococinni and rip up some fresh basil leaves, add about 8 black olives. (Feeds one) Throw drained pasta into it when cooked and add virgin olive oil (the greener the better) and sea salt and cracked black pepper. Toss and eat. 6-8 minutes from beginning to end based on length of time to cook pasta. Promise.

Feeding the troops - restaurants that deliver to the hospital
in Belmore Road, Randwickfor cheap and great noodles - tel) 9326 6788
Thai Riffic - 46 Perouse Road Randwick - brilliant fish cakes and red duck curry - tel) 9326 5544

Flavours of Thai - 39 Perouse Road, Randwick - for my money the best Pad Thai outside of Thailand - tel) 9398 4588

Feeding the troops - other foodie recommendations

Skara Bar (Greek) 29 St Pauls Street at the Spot (on the roundabout), Randwick is BRILLIANT and reasonably priced. Get someone to sit with your fella and get a great meal into you. Tel) 9399 3086

The Deli in Royal Randwick Shopping Centre is one of the best in Sydney. (I thought that even before this staying-in-hospital-thing happened to us) If you are doing the 8 minute pasta above, buy your bocicinni, olives and oil from them. They also stock the best toasting bread in the WORLD - Jakks Caraway rye, with the blue dot, but you will need to visit early in the day to get it.

The green grocer in the same shopping centre sells great quality produce and stocks Chambord jams (Red rasberry is my total and complete jam favourite).

Juggling work
Hire a laptop and purchase a GPRS card to get your self wireless internet. My GPRS card costs around $150/ month, and slots into the side of the laptop with ease.

Staying sane under insane circumstances
Learn to meditate. Seriously. A particularly challenging pursuit, particularly when you are on the ward and there are kids vomiting all around you first thing in the morning. But a calming discipline somehow.
Make yourself at least one really great cup of tea each day. Its not the tea, it’s the beauty of doing at least one thing each day that is completely as perfect as you can get it. It touches your old " normal" (in a sea of insanity).

Randwick Ritz movies, ten ten minute walk from the hospital. Click here for ticket prices and screening times: