About Aidan

Aidan Hanlon-Malu and his identical twin Christopher (Christy) were born on March 3rd, 2002. Aidan was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) on January 4th 2006. Aidan was the first kid over the nearest horizon, the first kid up the tree (and then to fall out of it) and he was a dreadful tease of his loving and ever forgiving brother. He loved Thunderbirds, Star Wars and pirates (although not necessarily in that order). And during his stay in hospital he became obsessed with his Playstation. After this transplant Aidan will receive a thumb transplant ..,
Aidan relapsed four months after his bone marrow transplant and died a year to the day of his diagnosis.

He was an ordinary little boy in extraordinary circumstances. His courage and laughter was just awesome and he taught his family and friends incredible things and inspired great compassion.

We miss him something awful.

If you want to know what it was really like, click here to see his diary. This file is 8.6MB and may take a moment or two to download if you have a broadband connection. Longer for dial-up of course.

Aidan's diary


Aidan and Christy are identical twins. That's Aidan in the mutant ninja turtle costume

Throughout everything Aidan was capable of love and laughter ~ most days you couldn't tell how sick he was